Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Junior Infants workbooks

Hi everyone,

I told the children that weather depending, we'll eat our lunch outside tomorrow in the field beside the school and have a bit of a picnic. I told them that if they wanted to bring in their teddy bears they could, so it could be a 'teddy bears picnic'.

I'll be sending home school books tomorrow. If possible could your child bring a bag/ shopping bag large enough to fit a few books? I'll bring in some spare bags for those that don't have one.

With regards to the books, not all workbooks have been completed. Please note that this doesn't mean we haven't covered the curriculum - we have. I prefer not to base my teaching on the workbooks but rather the curriculum objectives. I prefer to take a more practical approach including plenty of active learning opportunities and experiences. In other cases, rather than using a page in the workbook, I may have used a different activity sheet that I felt was more appropriate. 

All reports have been emailed. If you have any questions about them/ queries, please feel free to get in touch about it.


Friday, 24 June 2016

Visit to the allotment

A few weeks ago our class planted some rocket and chives in the classroom, with the purpose of transferring them from the pots to our school allotment. On Thursday, our class walked up to the allotment with Jessica's 5th Class. We had great fun doing a bit of gardening!

School Tour Pictures

Our trip to Woolly Ward's petting farm on Tuesday was a great success. We visited the fairy garden, Scary Mary's house in the woods, we rode a pony, bounced on bouncy castles, decorated cookies, did some arts and crafts, got a train ride around the farm grounds, held some animals and saw plenty more! We also got to feed lambs some milk as well as watch a performance in the barn.